2 Best Shorten URL Website To Make Money Online


Make money online by URL shortening websites:

Everybody wants to express  more out of less words or you want to write but you have less space available (like twitter) or you want to share your content  on multiple  social networking sites with minimum efforts. If you want the solution of any above problem which  I just mention, must use shorten URL service available  on the internet and I am sure, you must be using these URL shortening websites to your advantage.

Put your business on the Web for a buck a month!

But the question is? do you also make money online by shortening your URL and if not then it’s time to make money  from it .

Top 2 best shorten URL websites to make money online: There are many shortening URL websites, where can you make money from but I prefer only these two websites.

1. adfly.ly: How you can earn money online from adfly by shortening your URL, watch this video.

Minimum payout at adfly: You are required to earn only $5 before you will be paid. If you are an advertiser, then you can also start your campaign with $5.
Join adfly:


2. linkbucks: linkbucks  is another service, where you can make money online by shortening URL service. According to  them, they never miss payment since 2005 and minimum withdrawal is  $5.

linkbucks 300x184

Make money online by shortening your favorite link with adfly and linkbucks. These two websites are the best in business, when it comes to earn money online by shortening URL.

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