Done Everything In $5


Fiverr is a platform, where you can find expert from the different field to solve your problem, and that is to in just $5. Solution of the same problem may cost you $100 or more than that, but here you have an opportunity to resolve your issue in just $5dollar. Graphics and design, Video animation, Online marketing, Writing content, Advertising, Business, Programming, Services, lifestyle, Music & audio you name it and you will get solution for your problem.

Fiverr is world largest marketplace for small service, starting at $5.

How to sell something on fiverr:

1. Create a Gig for a small service you are willing to offer.

2. Share your gig with the world.

3. You will be notified when your gig is ordered.

4. We will credit your Fiverr balance with $4, 48 hrs after you successfully deliver your work.

5. Withdraw your earnings to your PayPal or to your Fiverr Revenue Card.

How to buy on fiverr:

1. Find a Gig® you like and order it.

2. Pay $5 by PayPal or credit card.

3. Track your seller’s work progress, exchange files and communicate.

4. Get your finished work!.

5. You will have 48 hrs after work delivery to ask for fixes from the seller

6. Provide feedback and review

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